Debt Recovery

Whether your debt is a business debt or a debt owed to you personally, our Debt Recovery team understands the need to act quickly and effectively to recover the monies owed to you. If you are not receiving payments on time, you need our help. 

We understand that cash flow is crucial to every business and that individuals also need prompt payment. Most businesses will at some point have difficulties in obtaining payment of their debt. Our Debt Recovery team are experts at recovering those debts. 

Our expertise is not just limited to debtors within England and Wales. We are able to deal with debts in the rest of Europe and further afield. 

We offer legal advice on all aspects of debt recovery including:

  • Letters before action
  • Entering judgments
  • Enforcement of county court judgments
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Charging orders
  • Orders for possession and sale
  • Tracing people or assets
  • Third party debt orders
  • High Court enforcement
  • Statutory demands
  • Winding up petitions
  • Bankruptcy petitions

Talk to Us

If you need expert assistance with any debt recovery related issue, please contact the team at St James’ Square.  You can call us on 0191 466 1000, email us at or fill in the online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you shortly.

Debt Recovery

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